Do you practice hospitality of spirit?


Do you have a friendly heart? Do you welcome and gift people that come into your life a generous dose of spirit? Do you smile at strangers as they pass by with a gentle prayer of blessing? As odd as it sounds, I do this quite often. Usually, it is when I am in the car listening to some good musics and I make heart-felt blessings to the cars that drive by.

We are all pools of divinity. We all have the ability to bless and yes, to curse.

With an intention of good-will and healing, won’t you share a bit of your Light with the rest of the world?

This selfless act can do wonders for your own healing and vibration. It seems to snowball, and as like attracts like, you will be able to run in to others much like yourself: caring, hospitable, compassionate beings of light that gift random acts of kindness.


Solar question posed by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional. 


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