Day 11 – Miraculous Appreciation

“Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.” —Khalil Gibran

Miraculous Appreciation

Today in our meditation we will experience one of the most luscious qualities of spirit: the fullness of gratitude.

When our attention is focused on the blessings in our lives, we feel connected to everything in the universe. We experience our wholeness and oneness with all creation. When our heart is filled with gratitude, we arrive fully in the present moment, letting go of our regrets about the past and concerns for the future. In this state of pure appreciation, we radiate the light of love to everyone we meet.

Our centering thought for today is:

“I nurture my relationships with attention and appreciation.”

Our Sanskrit mantra for today is:

“Sat Chit Ananda.” Truth, pure being, and bliss. 


Today make a list of five people who have had a profound impact on your life. Choose one person and write a thank-you letter expressing gratitude for all the gifts you’ve received from him or her. If possible, deliver your gratitude letter in person—or mail it. Often the people in our lives have no idea how much help, comfort, and inspiration they have given us, and this is a wonderful opportunity to share the love in our hearts. -Deepak & Oprah

Gratitude. The power to say thank-you, but from a deep heart-felt sincerity is a great power of love. Often, we forget the people in our lives that have done great, beautiful things for us along the way. We grow older, we move away, and we forget the ones who were there when no one else was. Who offered help in ways even to them are unknown. There have been many people in my life who have helped to guide me along my path. There have been countless friends who have supported me in hard times, and in good times. It is almost too impossible to narrow down my list to a mere five people.

So, this is what I shall do:

I will take today to email/text message an appreciative note to all who I can, and pick from those five persons who I will hand-write a letter of gratitude.

Which five have had a profound impact on my life? What gifts have I received?

Mr. Michael Flaherty, my high-school history teacher; who had given me the gifts of pursuing enlightenment, the power of compassion and forgiveness.

Mrs. Sheila LaBombard, my god-mother; who has given me the gifts of nurturance in a great time of fear, the thirst for adventure, and what it means to be in  a loving family.

Mr. and Mrs. David Soucia; my aunt and uncle; who have given me the gifts of food, shelter, and laughter in a time when I had no other place to call home.

Ms. Malarie Dufrane & Mr. Joseph Dufrane; friend and father; who have both given the gifts of reclaiming my voice and strength when I was just beginning to develop a sense of Self.

Mrs. Joanna Powell Colbert, teacher and friend; who has given me all the gifts of healing through the tarot, the power in expressing my own creative spirit, and all of the wisdom in the natural world that surrounds us.

All of these people and more have given me the gifts of friendship, love, and understanding. I wish I could do the same and more for them. I do not know yet what I will write to them, however, I hope they will know how truly deeply and lovingly grateful that I am.

Who would you thank while you sit here reading these words? Who would you write to? Who would you share your gratitude with?

Namaste dear ones all…Sat Chit Ananda. 


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