Day 10 – Miraculous Attraction

“You must be the change that you wish to see in the world.” —Mahatma Gandhi

Miraculous Attraction

The secret of attraction is remarkably simple. It can be summarized in a single line from the Latin poet Ovid: “To be loved, be lovable.” A lovable person is natural and authentic, radiating the light of awareness and love that we explored in yesterday’s meditation. The second “secret” is one we have already discussed at length: You are already lovable. There is nothing you have to do make yourself more lovable or attractive other than to let go of any unloving thoughts that you have about yourself. That which you seek you already are.

In today’s meditation we will put our attention on the divine qualities that are closest to our heart and that we wish to attract in our relationships—including love, peace, trust, compassion, joy, passion, inspiration, thoughtfulness, and generosity.

Our centering thought for today is:

“I attract that which I am.”

Our Sanskrit mantra for today is:

“Om Varunam Namah” My life is in harmony with cosmic law.


The spiritual Law of Giving and Receiving teaches us that in order to attract or receive something in our lives, we need to give it freely and without expectation. If we want to experience more love, we need to be lavish in our own expression of love. To receive acceptance, we need to be open and accept others. Today choose one quality that you want to expand in your experience and find as many opportunities as you can to share that same quality with others. – Deepak & Oprah

Today’s meditation focused on the tapestry of peace, light, and love. We focused on opening our heart-centers to the relationships in our lives. We allowed love to settle deep into our being, allowing our deep desires to unfold. The desires of having deep miraculous relationships which listen to our need for respect, empathy, kindness, and consideration. By focusing on the Law of Attraction in this way, we are as Rumi taught: seeking that which is seeking us.

Like attracts like. Love attracts love. If we focus on that which we do not want…we will find it. If we focus on that which we do want… we will find it. It is all about changing your perspective and your mindset. Focusing on love and emanating that love will attract the deep beautiful and loving relationships we yearn for. Whether that be in a mate, in like-hearted friends, or a community. You will find that love.

Don’t get caught up in putting yourself down. What you have attracted in the past was simple naivety. We all go through it, it is almost like a rite of passage. What is good though about switching your mindset however, is that you won’t have to worry about attracting those negative people again, because you will be able to better see them, and you won’t allow yourself to be put in a situation like that to begin with.  So don’t be so hard your yourself.

You live, you learn. Now it is time to love.

Om Varunam Namah. Namaste. 


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