Day 9 – Miraculous Illumination

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.” —Hafiz

Miraculous Illumination

Today our meditation focuses on the light within each of us. In many wisdom traditions, light represents spiritual awareness. It is a state of consciousness that illuminates darkness and allows us to see with the eyes of love and wisdom. As our awareness expands, what once seemed to be obstacles are now clearly opportunities. When we reach a state of pure awareness, we realize that there are no problems and therefore no need for solutions.

In our relationships, the expanding light of awareness allows us to share more love, compassion, laughter, and joy with everyone in our lives. As clarity dawns, we become light-hearted and stop taking ourselves so seriously. We let go of struggle and live in the flow of life.

Our centering thought for today is:

“My loving truth shines for all to see.”

Our Sanskrit mantra for today is:

“Yum.” Repeating “Yum” facilitates a deep connection to everyone in our life. It is connected to our heart chakra, Anahata. 


To cultivate the light of awareness, pay attention to the clues and evidence that miracles are unfolding in your life. Notice the unexpected opportunities that come your way, the flash of insight, a sudden feeling of peace or joy, a chance meeting, or a spontaneous creative experience. You may want to keep a list of daily miracles in your journal. Whatever we pay attention to expands in our experience, so as you focus your attention on miracles you will begin to notice more grace, happiness, and love flowing into every aspect of your life, including your relationships. – Deepak & Oprah

Light. In every spiritual philosophy there is a pursuit of light: enlightenment. To allow our inner light to shine brilliantly for all to see. A physical manifestation in the visual formation of beautiful shining light.

Mystics and spiritual teachers emanate this light, it is palpable. You can feel in in the core of your being. A brief encounter with such a person leaves you feeling loved, accepted, and seen.

How may we seekers gain to shine our own lights?

Through acceptance of what is. By showing gratitude. By being true to our high Selves. By embracing compassion and unconditional love.

By sharing this light with others, by sharing our love for humanity and the cosmos with all of those around us, we can be a beacon for change in our relationships and not just romantically, but also universally.

I barely touched the surface today when I was explaining my spiritual progress and goals. Is it ego? Partially perhaps, but not entirely because often those on this journey are not doing it for the ratings.

By having a pursuit, having that desire and passion is essential on our journeys. Without that drive to seek to help others, to be in service of others, to give aid whenever possible, to hold a person grieving, to hug a long lost friend.

This is how we share our light.

This is how we share our love.

Yum. Namaste. 


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