What sorrow is unexpressed within you?


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Our sorrows, like illnesses, can be lessons. They are the unexpressed woes of the heart and spirit that influence our levels of energy throughout the day. Much like depression, great sorrow, if unexpressed for an extended period of time will ultimately affect your life.

So, with this in mind, why not express some of those sorrows?

Expressing them, does not equate to complaining about them. It is not complaining about mundane annoyances. It is about sharing with a close and trusted friend what is eating at your soul.

Like I said before, sorrow is a tool. It shows us what our heart needs to let go of. It shows us our tolerance, our sensitivity to life current state around us. We as human beings have emotions and are going to have a sorrow here and there over the course of our lifetimes. Some are more susceptible to sorrow than others, but don’t allow that hard exterior to fool you. Sometimes the most stoic of people are the most sorrowful.

One of my unexpressed sorrows is how much our society does suffer. Suffering permeates our society and culture. You can’t drive down the street not seeing at least one person in suffering. Not see at least one single building in suffering. Not see at least one single animal in suffering. Not see at least one single garden in suffering. It is everywhere.

In our current century with all of the technological advances, it is hard for me to see people fully accepting suffering. Even though this is a center key pillar of Buddhist teaching: to accept that suffering exists. I suppose I mean how this sorrow of mine is a sorrow in which it is hard to see people so obviously in pain and struggle, but do absolutely nothing to heal it.

See, I accept that suffering exists, however I do not believe deep down that we deserve to suffer.

Is suffering important? Yes.

Does it teach us things about ourselves? Yes.

Is it vital to life? Yes.

However, there comes a time to step out of the rags of suffering as Buddha did, and seek enlightenment, and seek living your life in a different more beautiful way.

This does not mean turning a blind eye to suffering, but to living along side of it, yet embracing it with love and beauty and nurturing it back to health. To see an equal force of healing flowing waters, lovers, and healers out on those same streets helping to make a difference.

This is what I would like to see more of. So, I guess the sorrow unexpressed within me is the guilt that I would like to do more to help.

What is a sorrow unexpressed in you dear ones?



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