Lunar meditation: The Blessing of Water.


Water is Life.

It is what sustains all known living organisms. Without it, our world would not exist. We would not exist.

The Earth is covered by over 70% water. The average human being is about 50-65% water. A jellyfish is about 95%.

Water is what allows green things to grow, and allows us to breathe. It is what cleanses our bodies, and quenches our thirst.

We all take this renewable resource for granted.

Show your gratitude to our rivers, lakes, and streams. To the waterfalls, oceans, and springs.

Give the blessing of water:

As the blood in my veins flows,
As the rains in the clouds fall,
As the tides in the oceans ebb,
As the rivers in the mountains wash,
As the sea in my heart waves,

May you never thirst.
May you never be sullied.
May you never forget.
That you are from

Spirit Waters of Life.
Spirit Waters of Light.
Spirit Waters of Love.

As the blood in your veins flows.
May you be blessed.

Good night. Sweet dreams.

Lunar meditation posed by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.


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