Beth Owl’s Daughter’s “Predict Your Future By Creating It” Spread

This is one of my favourite spreads to do for a new client because it really gets to the point of the matter. I am currently writing an Introduction to Tarot Course Workbook for my up-coming Tarot Class. This will be one of the many spreads students will be learning.

I was shocked to find that it is not well known out there on the interweb, so I am posting it here from the only other source out there: my teacher Joanna Powell Colbert’s blog.


Beth first separates the Major Arcana cards from the rest of the deck. From the Majors, she asks her client to look through them face up and choose two. One will represent how they feel about or would describe their current situation, and the other represents where they wish to be.

She says, “Because it can be hard to narrow down one’s favorites from all the beautiful possibilities, I’ve found that if they go through and first discard the ones that don’t fit at all, then make a subset of their ‘semi-finalists,’ it’s easier for them to finally settle on the ones they want. And they always amaze me with their wise, powerful choices! Even (sometimes especially) when they have no prior knowledge of the Tarot.”

Beth then shuffles the deck thoroughly, mixing the Majors back in with the rest of the deck. The client then chooses 4 cards, face down. These are placed between the two face-up Majors they chose.

Card 1: (Client’s face-up chosen Major): Where you are today.

Card 2: (First card, chosen face down) What challenges you.

Card 3: (Second face down card) What action you can take to meet this challenge.

Card 4: (Third face down card) The next step.

Card 5: (Fourth face down card) How does Mystery (God/dess) help you?

Card 6: (Client’s face-up chosen Major): Outcome / Where you want to be.

This spread was created by Beth Owl’s Daughter and it’s included in the Gaian Tarot companion book. 

I hope you all will try it out and let me know how it works for you!

Namaste. Happy reading…


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