New Grand Opening Tomorrow!


Thirty-seven years ago a small Albany food buying club of 20 people started something amazing.

They started out small taking turns collecting food stuffs from local farms and artisans. From there they just snow-balled.

After outgrowing their first store front, they moved in 1995 to a larger yet modest venue. Now, having outgrown again, and with a lot of effort and support from the community, the Honest Weight has built it’s own environmentally sustainable grocery store.

Congratulations to all my friends over at the Honest Weight! When I first moved here 5 years ago, it was love at first smell. Co-ops for me just smell delicious. The food and products just speak for themselves…pungent spices, fresh produce, and a deli with a home-cooked taste screams REAL FOOD!

Tomorrow’s grand opening will be thee place to be! With face painting, hula hooping, live music, raffles, giveaways, and lots o’ vendors it will be a true Lughnasadh season festival!

See you there Albanians? I hope so.



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