How do you use the world’s resources to sustain your life?


We all try to survive.

From day to night to the next day, we eat, we drink, we work to make a living.

We try to sustain our lives with possessions, people, pets. We try to sustain ourselves by any means necessary. When we are hungry, we eat. When we are thirsty, we drink. But modern convenience has bred a troubling new generation. One where more people would rather go to a snack machine and eat a bar of processed sugars as “food” and grab a soda “energy-drink.”

There are those however who still make their own meals, sans chemicals. There are those who only go to delis and places where they can trust that the food they are being served is actual food. These are the same people who drink spring water from the source, who hydrate with 100% natural herbal teas and herb/fruit waters when they want to add a touch of natural flavour.

These are the same people who recycle, who know the value placed on not adding to the mess of the world. Who know the good clean value of sustainable energy rather than the pollutants that taint our lands, waters, and air. Who don’t wish to contribute to the mass garbage islands in the pacific, who would rather die themselves than know that their actions causes untold damage and harm.

These are the guardians of their communities, of their lands, of their own bodies. These guardians of the present and future. They relish in he life sustained by continued use and means. Where quality trumps quantity every time. Where children, adults, and elders can all live in a world harmonious and everlasting.

How do you use the world’s resources?

You needn’t be perfect, we all have our shortcomings. And sadly, the choices and votes we make are ultimately made by our wallets. However, you do have a choice of what you put in your body. You do have a choice to use products that won’t pollute your lands or someone else’s. Products that decompose naturally and can be used as fertilizer for the future, literally!

You do have a choice to take shorter showers. To compost. To bike or walk or car-pool rather than driving yourself every single day.

You have the choice to live a conscience-free holistic life.

Will you make that choice?



Solar question posed by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.
Sustainability Diagram from Verify Sustainability.


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