Lunar meditation: The nonexistence of time.


Tonight we delve deep into the realms of physics, Einstein theory, and multidimensional illusion.

Does time exist? Is it actually perceivable?

In truth it is an abstract thought, and metaphysically it is merely a construct of our minds measured only by the turning of hands on a clock or movements of galaxies, suns, planets, and moons.

The thing is that the smaller you attempt to measure and follow time, it ceases to exist. The very concept of such a linear thing in a multidimensional universe is kind of absurd.

Einstein even said that time is relative to only the one who is measuring. It is outside human comprehension. It is equally past, present, and future yet always moving forward even though it could go in reverse- there are no such rules against this.

So, does time exist? Would it exist even if we stopped measuring? Are we just infinite dimensions and times happening simultaneously in the same space?

This meditation seems to only bring more and more questions…

For a moment, imagine yourself outside of time.

Are you floating, has life become still? What do you sense, outside the sensible? Is time paramount to experience? What about in a nanosecond, can you experience the age of the universe?

Spin and experience, even if frozen outside of time. Untouchable. Ever observant. Dancing amongst the stars, a beautiful illusion.

Good night, sweet dreams.

Lunar meditation posed by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.


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