Preparing for Lughnasadh


Lughnasadh is a holy day marked at sunset in Celtic heritages.

It is the first of three harvest festivals celebrating games of sport, poetry, and food stuffs.

Typically it is marked as a season of country fairs, olympic games, such as the Warrior Dash, and really good eating.

Not only is it a time to harvest the summer’s vegetables, nuts, berries, and fruits, but also traditionally marked the first grains harvests.

So think grains if oat, wheat, rye, etc. Think also of ales, drafts, and other beers. Think cakes, corn muffins, and peasant breads.

Also think of sun shine.

How will you prepare to celebrate the next coming weeks before the equinox?

Remember to have fun! Create, celebrate, and eat well with your community family and friends.

Caitlin Matthews, Celtic cultural historian, author and mystic gives us these Autumn ideas for the coming months of Lughnasadh until Samhain:

PRACTICE your knowledge, learn new subjects, relate new information to your existing store of wisdom.

ASSESS your own life’s harvest: prepare fallow areas of your life for reseeding, clear old fields of overgrowth.

REMEMBER your own descendants and carefully prepare your spiritual heritage and physsical bequest to them.

FOLLOW the inspirational pathways that lead you to the heart of your art or skill.

MAKE peace or bring the concord of resolution between yourself and opponents.

HARVEST fruit and vegetables and prepare the garden for winter.

BE AWARE of the leaders and guardians who have protected the pathways of compassion by their sacrifice or action, and incorporate aspects of their example into your own life.

WALK and meditate outdoors for at least fifteen minutes daily.

IDENTIFY plants and trees by their Autumn colour and find out about their habitats and qualities.

BE ACTIVE with like-minded others, in bringing healing or relief to living beings in distress, whether human, animal, plant, etc.

AS YOU travel through the country of Autumn, relate your spiritual journey to the rich gifts available at this time.”

There are a few here I want to add to my planner for the coming months. Happy season of Lughnasadh!

Blessed Lammastide.



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