Which of your neglected friends would most enjoy hearing from you?


Friendships last a lifetime.

True heart connections can never be cut no matter the distance or time.

When you “have a caring, compassionate response to another,” there is this bond that is formed of unconditional love. You understand, “shit happens.” And that things can get carried away.

You understand that life takes hold, and life’s focuses and journeys sometimes have to go separate ways for a time to ultimately reconnect. You “honour the Divine in each other, as your connection brings healing and joy.”
We lose touch even though we said we wouldn’t. But there should not be guilt there. A true friend knows and understands. What friends have you lost in contact with? Did some need to be discarded for other reasons? Which ones are you willing to welcome back into your life? Even for just a moment to catch up. Trust your heart, and search yourself. Who would most enjoy hearing from you? They may just need it.

“My heart is full and open, as I recognize the Divine in my beloved” friend. – Joanna.


3 thoughts on “Which of your neglected friends would most enjoy hearing from you?

  1. I may have unintentionally hurt an old friend. I was in her state (we have lived thousands of miles apart for some time) for another friend’s wedding. The visit was short and my husband and I were busy with the wedding and other activities. I didn’t make the room to visit with this friend and we never really spoke over the phone to connect. I am feeling guilty now that I am home. Did I cut the ties? I’m afraid to call her and confess that it just wasn’t the right “time” meaning that I felt I wouldn’t have been able to give her my full attention and that I felt scattered enough focusing on the bride and groom (both close close friends of mine). What can I do to mend this?

    1. My dear I am here for you, and I hear you. Friendships can be rough, especially when we unintentionally hurt another.
      My best advice in this would be to call your friend, or even write them a letter. Like you said, the trip was short and was for the blessing of a dear union of hearts. One would think your friend could understand. Obviously this has hurt the both of you. Make plans to reconnect soon. Perhaps this is a sign you both could use eachother’s friendly spirits in eachothers lives. Set up a skype date, reconnect, and use this as an opportunity to acknowledge the deep heart connection that friendship binds. I am sure you and your friend will realize this to be a silly turn of life’s events. Many blessings! Let me know what happens.

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