Lunar Meditation: The scent of flowers.


Do flowers bring fond memories to your mind?

Of your childhood, a favourite relative, or your backyard garden?

Scent is so powerfully connected to our sense of memory that we often use scents as cues rather than the other way around.

Flowers speak of nostalgic moments for me. Where does scent bring you?

Lilacs remind me of the forts we used to make in my grandmother’s hill-bushes. Wild roses remind me of my great grandfather’s barn.

These flower essences share their aromatic medicine with a smile on their petals. Their goal in life is to flourish, look and smell robust, and fade to then come back again. Their goal is also to share their happiness and love.

The gift of flowers has either grown to be an expectation and underappreciated, or remained one of the greatest gifts one can receive.

Gifting in the form of the secret language of flowers is oh-so romantic. If you were to use the scent of flowers, what would you hope to say? Is it too dandy, or just the thing?

One of the best gifts I have received were tansies of wildflowers. It brings back so many memories…

Mmm, sweet soft aroma dreams to you dear ones.

Good night.

Lunar meditation posed by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.


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