Are you misusing responsibility or power?


Abuse is prevalent in our society, but the wheel keeps on turning.

The need for transparency has become a norm to keep our officials in check, yet still, power and responsibility are taken advantage of.

Caitlin asks all of us to question all of our actions based upon our position at work or in the community. She asks that we take to heart the challenges posed to us for such positions, and yes accept the props for them, but to also conduct ourselves with dignity.

Because people depend on you.

People look up to you.

And people love you.

Don’t let us down, for the turning of the wheel may just pass and you can be disposed of as the season changes next.


“In centeting myself, I am blessed by the turning of the wheel.”- Joanna.

Solar question posed by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.
Photo of The Wheel by Joanna Powell Colbert, creatrix of the Gaian Tarot.


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