Lunar Meditation: Your heart’s desire.

Desire can be divine and it can also be dangerous.

Heart’s desire mustn’t be confused with obsession, which is not a form of true love. Obsession is nothing but ego, manipulation, and materialististic: of looking to possess the object of your desire.

Care must be given to yourself to be mindful of your intentions when going into the lands of heart’s desire.

One mustn’t enter seeking wholeness, or seeking to be made happy. Or seeking to possess another. Care must be taken, are you ready? And even if you feel lonely, would it be fair to another for temporary joy?

Your heart’s desire may be strong, but your conscience must be stronger if you are selfish and seeking something that is better off left alone.

Purity and selflessness and unconditional unobsessive love is the key to fulfilling a heart’s desire. Remember Snow White and Prince Charming? Theirs was a desire of true love and desire because both of them loved eachother so much that nothing could keep them from eachother, not even the deep dark sleep of olde.

So, tonight, reflect upon your heart’s desire. If it be true, then get out there dear sweet one and go after your desire.

Sweet dreams, good night.


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