What is the source of your courage?


“Teacher of my Soul, in your life you asked many questions in orser to straighten your path, grant me the essential curiosity to ask such questions, and give me help now to find an answer to today’s question.”- Caitlin

Courage. First we should ask ourselves what does courage mean to us? Each of us have and create different imagery surrounding what constitutes courage. Is it a warrior having the courage to defend her family, or is it a student having the courage to follow his dreams?

Then, is the next question: where does that courage lay? From where does it come from? Is it inside of us coming from our deepest source of will or is it some outside force gifting us the courage to make it through?

I say, it is both.

To be courageous there must be some situation, some outside force influencing our life. It could be a happening, a loved one, an enemy, a pet, a teacher, or even a student. But in order for courage to latch on, there has to be a will to be courageous. To face our adversity and look into the eyes of our fear and still carry on.

So how do we tap into our reserves of courage, from where inside of us do we look? What if I am timid and weak?

You needn’t be strong of muscle to wield the sword of courage. It does not take a rippled juggarnaut to have the will to defend, to pursue, to love, or to dare to stand up for what you hold truest in your heart. Some of the most courageous people are those who embrace not their fear, but their vulnerability.

So, look within yourself beloved ones. Deeply look. You will find the strength, the will, and the courage to survive and heal.

“I have the skills it takes to survive any crisis.”- Joanna.


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