Lunar Meditation: The secret country of dreams.


What comes to you in your dreams?

Do you keep a dream journal?

Dreams can tell us so much about ourselves, and sometimes even tell us about the past and give us a glimpse into the future. They are windows into our deep subconscious. They scream at us or whisper of the things we must deal with. Allow your inner symbolism to speak to you. Open yourself up to the world of archetypes and things forgotten. Of mist, of mystery, and of messages.

So, tonight. As your head lays there upon the pillow. As you are being pulled deeper and deeper into the sleepy realms. Where will you be? Where will you go? What will happen?

Listen to your dreams, travel, and heal.

Namaste, dear ones.
Good night, sweet dreams.

Meditation posed by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.


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