Lunar Meditation: The rhythms and cycles of the moon in your life.


Waxing, waning, new and full of potential. Life has a cycle akin to the moon.

Tonight, Caitlin has us ponder how life has metaphorical phases of its own. How it begins, waxes toward fullness, and then starts to wane back to quietude to then begin all over again.

Life is all about cycles, and different things have different courses, but there seems a design to how things ebb and flow. It’s universal.

Furthermore, these cycles have been scientifically proven to impact our emotions, dreams, and other subtle personality fluctuations.

So, how does the moon impact your life? Does it ripple into your consciouness, to what degree? How alike are the rhythms and cycles in your own life? What phase are you in now?

Good night, sweet dreams.


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