What sacrifices must you make to fulfill your plans?


Sacrifice, we all can attest that we seldom like making sacrifices.

Being self-sacrificing is always seen as either a new year resolution, or in a diet sense, but sacrifice goes so much farther.

It is more than maybe going to the gym once, exercising restraint, with the sole purpose to grow. This does not mean aesthetically being fit or working to be in shape. It’s about promoting self health.

We all have that inner fire and passion to better ourselves, and in the process sometimes we need to give up some things.

Certain fatty foods, going out all the time, or the reverse by sacrificing our laziness and actually getting out there.

“Embrace the wilder, more instinctual facets of your personality. If you are facing adversity, the development of inner fortitude will be an unseen blessing. When you face your fears, when you accept the reality of an unpleasant situation, when you acknowledge the truth you’ve been avoiding, you develop the courage that allows you to preservere.”

Is it time for you to sacrifice old ways of thinking and habitual actions of unhealthy living? Is it time to sacrifice even certain people from your life that are holding you back, or simply sacrifice the resentment you may hold against them?

If you are afraid, embrace the strength within you. Tap into that store of wild passion, that place of balance between instinct and reason. You have the control, you have the will, you do possess the vitality, joy of life, and respect for yourself that will be your guiding force.

So, answer today’s question for yourself, what are YOU willing to sacrifice to fulfill your plans and dreams?

“I face adversity with peaceful courage and inner fire.”- Joanna.


Solar question posed by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.
Photo of Strength by Joanna Powell Colbert, creatrix of the Gaian Tarot.


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