Lunar Meditation: Happiness


Tonight, Caitlin gives us pause to consider what gives and brings us happiness as we lay our heads upon pillows to dream our next day.

What brings you happiness? What do you do to make yourself happy? Are you and do you even consider yourself “happy?”

We put so much emphasis upon this short 5-letter word. It is the ultimate pursyit for living. It seems ever so far away, yet ever so within grasp.

If only I do this, if only I had done that, if I should do this in the future, then and only then will I attain true happiness.


True happiness is now.

It is what makes us smile. It is what makes us laugh. It is what makes our hearts shine with glee.

So, tonight. Ponder. What has and continues to make you happy? Show a little bit of gratitude.

Think and be happy thoughts, it does not mean you are in denial of the adversity in your life, it simply means you choose a better and more joyful expression.

Namaste dear sweet ones.
Good night, sweet dreams…


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