Lunar Meditation: Growth in your emotional life.


Tonight, Caitlin gives us pause to contemplate our emotional state as we begin to lay our heads upon our pillows to dream our next day.

First of all I would like to say that I am no psychologist, nor a psychiatrist. I merely have the ability, like any person with enough empathy, to look inside the eyes of a person and see the sea of their emotions.

And the more people I meet and with the more people I help I have come to a few conclusions. One such conclusion has brought me to ascertain that we humans can be stubborn. It is pretty innate.

We also often hide from our true emotional selves in this western culture we call “the real world.” We tend to overly medicate with pills and other addictions such as alcohol, tobacco, sexual promiscuity, and other pleasurable drugs that are only temporary. (And always have side effects of their own.)

Not much credit is given to what we feel, and why we feel the way we do. We tend to numb ourselves based upon fear or simple cowardess because we do not wish to face the true truth about a situation.

This doesn’t make us bad, just foolish.

This inability to face that sometimes we do make mistakes,  and it is okay to make mistakes puts too much pressure on our psyches.

This inability to face our emotions shows that our emotions are intrinsically connected to our health, to our family’s health, and to the health of the community. It sadly effects it to a great detriment.

The thing is, emotions if not given a voice will fester. They will build up and turn into something ugly. This goes for any emotion, “good or bad.” I put these in quotes because the rainbow of emotions we feel are neither good nor bad, they are beyond cultural classification. Each is equally important and should be looked upon and treated with 1. Empathy. 2. Compassion. 3. Understanding. And 4. Respect.

Initially, these emotions are raw. They are pure raw energy made.manifest in our mental, physical, and spiritual selves. Each are distinct, and each is a symptom of either happiness or fear. They do not cause happiness or fear. Rather, emotions are the byproducts of living a life of a being who is capable of being influenced.

This again, can be a “good thing, or a bad thing.”

And this again, is up to the being who is being influenced.

Remember this the next time you feel emotions that may be uncomfortable. They are not always easy things to deal with, but it is the growth and process of these feelings that makes us truly human and alive.

We choose to live, we choose to love, we choose to cry, we choose to hate. With mindfulness we grow. With feeling, mindfully, we grow further still. To not be so easily influenced is hard.

Just make sure the next time you are being an emotional human, that the feelings you are feeling are your emotions, and not those of others or a situation. Breathe. Take a moment. Regain your mindfulness.

I should also point out, being mindful, choosing mindfulness does not equate to living a life without emotion, or living a life void of feeling. Rather it is the very act of being mindful of the emotion that gives it life, and understanding, and love, and respect to be acknowledged and enacted upon in a safe, nonviolent, and healing way.

Namaste dear ones.
Sweet dreams. Good night.


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