What makes you most angry? Why?


Last night, I accidently wrote this as a lunar meditation. It was supposed to be about the skills you possess, but I feel I really needed to be mindful of my anger, and it just followed course.

Sometimes, with anger, our actions are drastically effected and our minds become altered. Even though I felt I was being mindful of my anger, that was all I could do to take care of it, I didn’t even notice which section I was in. Haha… Oh, our human condition!

Today, look within your sometimes angry heart and dare to ask why?

“I know you are there, little anger, my old friend. Breathe- I am taking care of you now.” -Thich Nhat Hanh

Be compassionate to your situation. Choose compassionate detachment and move past your anger. Welcome it with open arms. Don’t deny its existance, take care of it and be mindful. Where does it come from? What exactly are you mad about?

Delve deep and have a conversation. Great healing comes with making a first mindful word audible.

Combine your anger with the compassion that is inside of you. Let them mingle, let them dance. “Embrace the different parts of your personality and life’s experiences, both light and shadow, joyful and painful. They all combine together, resulting in your unique individuality. Use this prompt as an opportunity for your inner, spiritual life to harmonize with your external life of the workaday world.”

Try not to struggle so much with yourself dear one. Come to terms with yourself, the circumstances, and the real source of your anger so that true healing can be had.



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