Lunar Meditation: The wisdom of nature.


Tonight, Caitlin inspires us to ponder the deep wisdom that is nature as we lay our heads down upon pillows to dream our next day.

Nature has vast resources of wisdom, if only you take the time to seek it.

By following deer paths that lead to valley caves and sacred fountain springs, you will be able to tap into the deep rational yet mystical knowledge that surrounds us. It is ever present with a deep pulse.

It is the air, the earth, the seas. It is the cycles of the seasons, the migration of birds. The power of a hurricane, the spawn of salmon. The death of glaciers, the birth of trees. The immortal mountains, and fragile flowers. The mathematics of time, the symbolism of totems. The opening of eggs, and flight of blind bats. The glory of the sun, and pull of the moon tides.

The dance between spider and butterfly. The dance between child and elder. The dance between insect and chimpanzee with a stick. The dance of meteors and starry night skies.

The natural intuition and intelligence of life.

That is the deep deep wisdom, the universal collective of knowledge- if you only open up your mind, seek, study, and learn.

Good night, sweet dreams…


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