Lunar Meditation: The complementarity of women and men.


Tonight, Caitlin Matthews inspires us to ponder the dance of male and female energies as we lay our heads upon our pillows to dream our next day.

How do women and men complement eachother?

Our energies mingle and harmonize and bring about an equilibrium.

Sometimes it’s not just about being a strong “man” and compassionate “woman.” Often, societal gender rules are thrown aside and men learn to be more loving and less rational, and women learn to be more rational and less ruled by their emotions. We learn from eachother, and not just gender to gender, but from person to person.

There is a peace that comes from putting two opposites together. Sure, there may be conflict at first or even from time to time, but then…

Balance. Reconciliation. Peace. Yin & Yang. Complements…

Good night, sweet dreams.


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