Lunar Meditation: Lovers you have lost and found.


Tonight, Caitlin Matthews inspires us to ponder the many or few lovers in our lives as our heads are layed upon pillows waiting to dream our next day.

This particular reflection can be a sore topic for some: for those whose hearts have been scorned. For others, it can be a chance to reminisce and bring a smile to their faces.

Which are you? Or both? Every relationship you have had cannot be one of horror. Some I am sure are filled with humour. And, yes, some probably still pull on those heart strings no matter what you tell yourself.

Be honest, this is your time. No judgement, just memories.

There is a certain maturity that comes with reflecting on lovers past with a good chuckle. We have all have been hurt a time or two…and have also hurt another a time or two. It comes with the territory.

Sometimes, you can do nothing else but laugh at yourself for being young, virile, and oh-so foolish. Perhaps, you are still. However, the lovers we bed, whether it be for love or lust, gives us a picture of who we are as a human being.

Morals aside, those we find astonishing are those we in some way see in ourselves, or traits we wish we had. It can tell us great and sometimes scary things about ourselves.

What do your lovers say about you? Between the hook-ups and first kisses*, are you just as much a fool as the rest of us?

Good night, sweet dreams…
*Wine note: ‘Primabaccio’ is Italian for “first kiss,” and is fresh, delicately-sweet, effervesant, and tastes like angels kissing your throat. The Cheap Screw white wine was dry, crisp, and yes refreshing, but without character. The wine-note paired with the label symbolism even for this post was utterly perfect.


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