Where do you hurt and why? Where does healing lie?


When asking yourself these questions today dear ones, remember there are various levels of hurt.

There is physical pain, emotional pain, and there is spiritual pain.

For me, physically, I am still recovering from a rather whimsical and funny rollerbladding accident. Having fallen on my right wrist and bruising it quite badly, it still hurts to apply too much pressure on it and grasp certain things. But it is mending.

Emotionally, I am quite at peace, when I am not at odds with myself, lol. I am happy and healing, and whatsmore, helping to heal others! This gives me great joy, which trickles into my spiritual health…

My practice is flourishing. I am becoming more devoted, finding a closer connection to nature, and am writing about the hard nitty-gritty questions that get those soul-wheels turning.

We never stop healing, I feel. We have to work at it, with diligence. Without effort, whats the point? If life was meant to be easy, it would have come with a cheaters companion book. Life is filled with ups and downs, and that is the thrill about living. Life is a spiral journey.

Sure, sometimes we are presented with challenges and sometimes suffering truly takes its toll. But we mustn’t forget the incredible healing machine we are as living human beings. If there is a problem, it can be fixed. If we cannot muster the strength, perhaps those we love can help. If something needs healing, it can be nourished and nurtured.

Open up about your problems and start the healing process. You won’t be worse for it. Get in touch with your body. Allow yourself to give and receive nourishment. “Take root in the physical world. There is a strength inside you to believe that good things can come your way.”

Solar question posed by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.
Photo of the Ace of Earth from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.


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