Lunar Meditation: The messages of your body.


Tonight, Caitlin Matthews inspires us to ponder how we listen and interpret what are bodies tell us as our heads are layed upon pillows waiting to dream our next day.

Do you listen to your body?

When it is tired, do you allow it sleep? When it is thirsty, do you allow it drink? When it is sad, do you allow it tears? When it is in love, do you allow it love?

When it is abused, do you allow it freedom? When it is broken, do you allow it healing?

When it is excited, do you allow it passion? When it is inspired, do you allow it canvas? When it is comfortable, do you allow it time?

My hopes are that, in a perfect world my dear sweet ones, you allow it all that it needs, hopes, and desires. My hopes are that, in a perfect world, you allow it all and more to be happy and harmonious.

May you be blessed. The all of you…

Caitlin’s words lull me to sleep tonight:

“In the busy tracks of the world, I remember all whose energy is burned out or extinguished by overwork: may they receive the gifts of rest and recreation so they may once more be able to respect the powers and limitations of their being.
I smoor my soul as the light fades,
Peace in my Heart,
Peace upon my hands,
Peace in my mind.
May the triune powers of
Light, life, and love
Bless and preserve all beings
This night and every night.
Maiden of Sky-Flowers, Faithful Companion of the Night, under the running laughter of the clouds, under the shining mirror of the moon I lie down in peace with you.”

Good night, dear ones.
Sweet dreams…


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