What old story are you telling against yourself? What new story awaits to be told?


I have said it before, sometimes we are our own worst enemy, and negative self-talk is the number one depressant in America.

All of us can admit to being self-deprigating from time to time, but we should be cautious and kind to not be too hard on ourselves.

I’m pretty guilty of this one myself, being quite the perfectionist. So, what stories do I tell against myself? “You can do better,” is one. “Am I good enough?” and “I need to learn from my mistakes” happen to be others.

The Ten of Air, shows insight into how I negative self-talk. I am prone to nostalgic moments of trauma. They wash over me, and I replay them over and over, hoping to learn something that I havn’t quite grasped upon yet. This is a double edged sword, because for all the insight, it still brings on depression. The Ten of Air, by showing me this, asks me gently to surrender and stop holding on to these memories.

The new story that awaits me, is a much better tale. Seven of water tells of a time to narrow my options, pick amongst my desires, and follow my bliss. To “drink deep, and let my well be filled.” It paints a very good story. One where by moving away from my traumatic past, I will be able to open my heart up to my dream.

I like that.

There is great healing to be had my dear sweet ones, if we only allow ourselves. It is attainable. We can’t always be so hard on ourselves, it only exasperates the suffering we have already sustained. Too much our hearts have been through. We need not make it any worse.

Solar questions posed by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.
Photos of the (left)Ten of Air, and (right)Seven of Water.


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