Lunar Meditation: The times when things seemed hopeless but came right.


Tonight, Caitlin Matthews inspires us to ponder the seemingly hardest of times as our heads are layed on pillows waiting to dream our next day.

Sometimes, we come up against some pretty hard stuff.

It hurts, and we search for the meaning. We search for the ‘why?’ We plead and we cry, and then we plead and cry some more. And then…

The pleading stops.

We accept what is happening.

And the tears stop coming.

We move on. We live to see another day. Another sunrise greets us with a warm hug and seems to say, “You’ll be okay. Nothing ever lasts. Dear one, I am here. I am here. You are here. We are here.”

Sometimes, hopelessness can be so much that we lose sight of the things in our life that we can control. Sometimes, hopelessness blinds us to the offered hand of another. Sometimes miracles do happen, but sometimes bad things are a miracle in disguise. Sometimes, great things can truly happen and surprise us. Yet, sometimes…sometimes dear ones, we simply need to admit defeat for this round, dust ourselves off, and look… to the horizon. Because, hope could be just around the corner and waiting for you to notice.

Caitlin’s words tonight guide me along the night road and sing me to sleep…

“I rejoice in the greening earth, in the burgeoning of projects and ideas, in the growth of friendships and associations: as Summer fields ripen with the grain of life, so may all that is in my heart come to maturity…Peace be upon my soul, peace be to all creatures, peace be to all upon this planet, peace be to all that is and was and will be. Preserve my soul in restful peace this night that it may be new-forged in morning’s glory. Womb of Night, Companion of the Stars, Cradle of Quietness, Star-Quilt of Splendor, into your embrace I am coming.”

Good night dear ones…don’t give up, and dream hopeful dreams.


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