Where do you need to allow growth in your life?


We are living, walking, talking story tellers of our lives, but we are also story listeners.

Each of us will one day gather the young descendents around and tell the tales of our lifetimes; but until then, it is our purpose to not only listen to others, but to listen to ourselves.

Right now, is a pivotal tale in the making. I am in my twenties: that incredible decade when so much comes to light and we as adults truly begin the deep growing process in search of our very own Grails. Where we leave adolescence behind and seek our higher purposes, and in seeking there are always adventures to be made. There are great adventures and memories being made that will keep our inner fires warm in the dark of winter. And in the soft darkness of our old age.

Now, is that time of passion and walking one’s life path. Of finding ourselves. Of questing. Of being filled with excitement and of putting dreams into motion.

I am truly being “driven by a quest.”

The Explorer of Air answers today’s question by reminding me what I truly need to allow to grow at this time: perspective. I need to tend to my senses, and take sight. To taste what I am truly eating. To listen intently. And feel what is truly touching my soul. My perspective is changing. My plans for the future are coming together, so the next step is really just being mindful of my perspective.

The Explorer also reminds me to overlook artifical boundaries, in order to make long term plans and keep my beliefs of unity in places where others would see only separation. Which, you can imagine and understand, is key in any holistic practice where restoration of a sickened world is needed. Where “solutions that embrace all levels of existence beats beneath the pulse of the manifest world.”

He tells me also to take perspective from a vantage point. From a place of power, and a place I see as safe. A retreat up amongst the birds, either in the form of vision questing, or the perspective of actual height will help me. I have always been drawn to mountain cliffs and tree tops, ever since I was a child; but I can’t remember when was the last time I climbed a tree!? Perhaps this is something I should reclaim along this quest of personal sovereignty. 
Adventures into nature have always been where I can commune with the divine and listen to my own birdsong that rises from my heart in places of stillness.

There is just something about those wild places, untouched by hands, that speaks greatness.

“I climb high in order to get perspective and take the long view.”- Joanna Powell Colbert

Question posed by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.
Photo of The Explorer of Air, from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.


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