Lunar Meditation: The richness of your inner treasury.


Tonight, Caitlin Matthews inspires us to ponder the priceless wonders within our hearts as our heads are propped on pillows waiting to dream our next day.

Her words guide me along the night road and sing me to sleep…

“I bathe my soul in the everlasting waters: mercy of light upon my brow, mercy of life upon my tongue, mercy of love upon my heart. The Mercy of Mercies upon every being, from fall of night, till crack of light, in the perfection of peace…
Cloak of Stars, Mantle of the Night, Hastener of Dreams, may I be safe enfolded this summer night.”

As I think about my day that has just passed, I cannot think of a better accomplished day. Today exemplified the deep richness of my inner treasury.

My abilities are guilded. My words are precious, and my heart is the key to unlocking those inner most gems of healing.

If we all could only tap into and realize this all the time, we humans would be much much happier. If we believed we each possessed a treasure trove of untold wonders with chests of priceless originality, passion, and light.

Good night, sweet dreams…


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