Lunar Meditation: The strength and beauty of the little things.


Tonight, Caitlin Matthews inspires us to ponder the beauty of simplicity as our heads are propped on pillows waiting to dream our next day.

Her words guide me along the night road and sing me to sleep…

“May political prisoners and those imprisoned because of their courageous championing of the innocent and disempowered be strengthened and enheartened by the presence of the Holy Ones…
As the light fades, peace in my heart, peace upon my hands, peace in my mind. May the triune powers of light, life and love bless and preserve all beings this night and every night…
Under the running laughter of the clouds, under the shining mirror of the moon. I lie down in peace with you.”

Sometimes, the littlest of things can have immense power. The hardness of a diamond, the fortitude of a bird’s nest, or the softness of a light kiss proves that sometimes great things come in small packages.

I am so grateful for the little things in life. The gentleness of the wind on a hot day, the aroma of a thunderstorm, a hug from a dear friend simply for no reason. It is within these little gifts that true strength of connection happens. It is here where true beauty resides. Away from labels or custom designer logos, pure natural strength and beauty shines around us every day and night.

So grateful.
Good night, sweet dreams.


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