Lunar Meditation: The beauty of the enduring stars.


I simply LOVE this photo. I do not know its artist, but its beauty truly captures the beauty of the enduring stars.
Tonight, Caitlin Matthews inspires us to ponder the heavens above us as our heads are propped on pillows waiting to dream our next day.
Her words sing me to sleep…

As night beckons, help me to follow the mystery that shines in the darkness. Gatherer of the Night, Shaper of Stars, I sink to rest in you…

Today, I give gratitude to so much. “The small and wondrous events that have tracked this day,” especially, the opportunity to heal; for the Universe giving me such a gift, yet such a loving burden; for the love notes; for the conversations with my grandmother; for the kindness of my new boss; and for the warm words of reunion.
As I prepare to sleep, I bring so many intentions to the Holy Ones…as I lay and ponder the beauty of the enduring stars…
Good night, sweet dreams.


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