Invite fear into your mindful consciousness and care for it every day.


The Buddha taught us this.

“The next time it manifests, we will receive it the same way; we will care for it the same way with the energy if mindfulness, and then it will return to the depths, weaker still. It loses energy every time it is embraced by the energy of mindfulness, which is really a mother.

The door is already open; mental formations can now flow freely. And if you practice that for a few weeks, the symptoms of mental illness will disappear. This is because you are now in a situation where you have good circulation in your psyche. That is why Buddha taught us to invite fear into our mindful consciousness and care for it every day.

There is no battle between good and evil, positive and negative; there is only the care given by the big brother to the little brother. In Buddhist meditation, we observe, we act in a nondualistic fashion, and thus the waste materials if the conscious mind can always be transformed into flowers of compassion, love, and peace. Our consciousness is a living thing, something organic in nature. There are always waste materials and flowers in us. The gardener who is familiar with organic gardening is constantly on the alert to save the waste materials because he knows how to transform them into compost and then transform that compost into flowers and vegetables. So be grateful for your pains, be grateful for suffering – you will need them.”

From True Love by Thich Nhat Hanh


Which of your neglected friends would most enjoy hearing from you?


Friendships last a lifetime.

True heart connections can never be cut no matter the distance or time.

When you “have a caring, compassionate response to another,” there is this bond that is formed of unconditional love. You understand, “shit happens.” And that things can get carried away.

You understand that life takes hold, and life’s focuses and journeys sometimes have to go separate ways for a time to ultimately reconnect. You “honour the Divine in each other, as your connection brings healing and joy.”
We lose touch even though we said we wouldn’t. But there should not be guilt there. A true friend knows and understands. What friends have you lost in contact with? Did some need to be discarded for other reasons? Which ones are you willing to welcome back into your life? Even for just a moment to catch up. Trust your heart, and search yourself. Who would most enjoy hearing from you? They may just need it.

“My heart is full and open, as I recognize the Divine in my beloved” friend. – Joanna.

Lunar Meditation: The scent of flowers.


Do flowers bring fond memories to your mind?

Of your childhood, a favourite relative, or your backyard garden?

Scent is so powerfully connected to our sense of memory that we often use scents as cues rather than the other way around.

Flowers speak of nostalgic moments for me. Where does scent bring you?

Lilacs remind me of the forts we used to make in my grandmother’s hill-bushes. Wild roses remind me of my great grandfather’s barn.

These flower essences share their aromatic medicine with a smile on their petals. Their goal in life is to flourish, look and smell robust, and fade to then come back again. Their goal is also to share their happiness and love.

The gift of flowers has either grown to be an expectation and underappreciated, or remained one of the greatest gifts one can receive.

Gifting in the form of the secret language of flowers is oh-so romantic. If you were to use the scent of flowers, what would you hope to say? Is it too dandy, or just the thing?

One of the best gifts I have received were tansies of wildflowers. It brings back so many memories…

Mmm, sweet soft aroma dreams to you dear ones.

Good night.

Lunar meditation posed by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.

Abuse Blessing


“Liberator of Souls, assist and release all who are imprisoned in spirals of violent abuse: both those who perpetrate abuse and those who receive it. May the shackles of anger and resentment be transformed into the loving bonds of peace and understanding. May the beauty of each soul blossom as the Spirit awakens all life this Summer morning.”- Caitlin Matthews