Dragonfly Labyrinth


This weekend was filled with many many adventures.
Solstice day, however, was one of incredible serendipity.
I packed the car and went out to the Grafton Lake beach. There, I met up with friends, and made a few more.
It was such a great day! Together with my friends we created a rather large sand labyrinth. Passersby would admire, some would inquire, and whatsmore: some helped us with the construction! Kids, parents, fellow holistic practitioners…on solstice anything is possible, and anything can be done when a community of strangers with a common goal, can create genuine Complete Health Circle of magick.
We witnessed many amazing things, but one stands out more so than the others: the birth of a dragonfly…


When I saw that my beach tote had turned over, I had no idea what I was to discover! At first, I thought it was a simple beetle, a rather large beetle, but a beetle nonetheless. Then, a did a double take, was a dragon mating with a beetle? How strange, how odd, how….oh my wow…a dragonfly had given us the honour of allowing us this very rare life passage: its shedding of its exoskeleton. In witnessing this beautiful creatures transition, it was such a metaphor for all of our lives.
It echoed the passing of one tide to another. One tide shifting to the next. Beltane was no more, now is the Season of Midsummer…
Now is the Season of the Dragonfly…

October 2013 upload 5430 October 2013 upload 5431 October 2013 upload 5432 October 2013 upload 5435 October 2013 upload 5436 October 2013 upload 5438


3 thoughts on “Dragonfly Labyrinth

    1. Thanks pbm! It was a complete shocker, but it seemed alright to be on the other side of the lens and let me take several shots while it rested and meditated on what it would do next…

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