The Blessing of Midsummer


Morning’s first kiss, tastes of strawberries and sunlight. It touches my skin, every cell tingles while goosefleshed adrenaline flows through me. The sun’s healing light fills my heart as I move in salutation. My hands full. My feet move with purpose. My steps move down the Indian trail, to the mouth of the waterfall cave. Fresh water hits my cheaks- I’m touched by a rainbow bridge to the Otherworld: I bathe in Summer’s waters. Clean and energized I make my journey to the midday, so close to spirit without shadow, the light burns bright from above. Around and around the labyrnth spins, open to lake waters. Sacred stones placed to follow its dance in the sky, on this longest of days. Blessings of roses, picnics, community, and deep green grasses. Of sweet sweet honey, ice creme cones, fireflies, and mermaid sisters. Painter’s light once more fills the air, as the day begins to wane. The earth hushes, and waits for you to listen. To listen to the Sun’s final preformance amongst the gloaming as solstice fires are lit and kept burning, deep into the night. Stories pass from one cycle to the next and the sun bows to say farewell. To say, “good day…”


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