Myosotis Lake


According to an ancient legend, a knight about to get married, dressed in his armor, was taking a ride along a river with his fiancée. His fiancée saw an extremely beautiful bunch of blue flowers rocking on the waves, and asked her paramour to pick them up. As he reached over to get them, the knight slipped and fell into the river. The heavy armor hindered him from swimming and he started sinking into the water, but not before throwing her the blue flowers and shouting: “Don’t forget me!” This beautiful flower came to be known as Forget-me-not, associated in the language of flowers with true love – the love that never dies.- Rosana Souto Sobral Vierira

This is from where Myositis Lake gets its name. In the middle of the Edmund Niles Huyck Preserve is a lake surrounded with Forget-me-nots.

It is a beautiful place for one to hike, read, and reflect peacefully.
I go here often to ground myself. “To go to the green”, as I like to call it. This majestic preserve is a sacred land for anyone with a soft foot to walk.

My friends and I often go to bathe under the falls and talk amongst the fae and robins that live nearby. We go to picnic, to laugh, and from time to time, to yes, do some serious walking meditations.

This land has quite a history, but is one reclaiming itself slowly. The mill is no longer there, the lands are no longer bare, and the fur and feathered beings who dwell there still call it home.

The serene energy here is palpable even before you cross that first bridge that connects two distinct worlds.

Once you break the forest, and make it to the lake’s edge, you can feel spirit mingle there. Filled with the light of the sun, love from its waters, and life from the woods; your soul mingles with such a divine presence.

We discovered many beings during our hike the other day: Adder snakes, Chickadees, Robins, Blue Jays, Chipmunks, Deer tracks, momma Pheasants and Geese with their young. White moths and Tiger-swallowtail Butterflies, and so much more!

Beaver damns, and cairn stones. (Ones I had not built, lol!) There was so much to discover, it was a happy day of sunlight, of bird song, and especially, forget-me-nots; Myosotis scorpioides.


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