Solstice: Summer is a time for the Soul to Shine


How will you celebrate Solstice?

Will you pilgrimage? Will you go for a hike? A swim?

As I did last year, I plan on observing the rising and setting of the Sun, sharing in laughter with my friends, shooting some photography, reflecting & writing in my journal, bathing under a waterfall, collecting herbs and flowers, eating lots and lots of BERRIES, and meditating with Fae under the energy of the strongest Sun of the Year.

What are your customs of Summer?

How will you reflect the Sun’s Spirit with your own heart?

Summer is a time for frolicking.
Running through the glade.
And rolling in the flowers.

Laughing, lounging, reading& bathing in grottos.
Drinking from sacred springs&
Showering under waterfalls.

Drinking tea by the light of a campfire.
Eating hedonistically from the dark fertile earth.
Summer is a time for the Soul to shine.

Flying high through the trees,
Up mountains & hill shrines.
Dancing in Fae groves.

Pay homage to the ancient stone guardians.
With a spirit of fire, of passion& of whimsy.
Reclaim yourself! Your Midsummer dreams!

Rejoice in the moment! This Day of longest Light.
With sun salutations, smiles& grins…
Rejuvenate and be Happy!

(c)  21 JUN 2011, DJH

Deep green kisses,

Xoxo, Derek


5 thoughts on “Solstice: Summer is a time for the Soul to Shine

      1. I do fire spin and write poetry to recite before we light up for solstice burns and I hope to share the magic of my celebrations on my blog 🙂

        I am really looking forward to seeing how others celebrate the Solstice 🙂

      2. Kudos! I can’t wait to see what you post. It surely will be a solstice to remember for us all…getting excited, just thinking about the song, dance and food! It’s always more meaningful with family and friends. It’ll be an early morning for us, but the waterfall will definitely wake me up at least! I wonder if I can coax anyone else to do the plunge that early…lol. Blessings~

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