Tarot Meditation on Love


from Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Soul Seasonal Practices for Beltane.

What does Love mean for You dear hearts?

For me, love is all about our connections. The connections to ourselves, and to those whom we see fit to love. Whether or not we want to sometimes, it is there. Ever present. You can’t see it, but it’s there.

It’s in our hands, our hearts, our spirits and in our actions or inactions.

It doesn’t always have to be about a boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, husband or wife. It’s how we love ourselves. Our friends. Our community. Our planet. Our dear ones.

It’s also about being mutually invested in each other’s happiness. The choices we make. The commitments we are willing to make. Especially whether or not we choose to hold Love in our hearts, and for how long. It’s also about sticking to our guns about our own happinesses too.

Sometimes, those happinesses can get in the way, but Love is a lot of work. It wasn’t designed to be easy.

But it was designed with the best of intentions…

For some it can be a game. For others: a way to follow one’s life.

I try to live my life with Love in my heart. Unconditional, it’s there. Right beneath the sternum. And it goes deeper.

I may be a fool. I may be naive, but I choose to live truthfully, honestly, and with love in my every action. I’ve made plenty of mistakes (love and mistakes go hand-in-hand), but I hope and like to say that I’ve learned from them. There are no ulterior motives. There are no tricks up my sleeve. The passion speaks for itself, and sometimes people can get burned. But if you stoke the embers just right, and every so often, you can keep it alight.

When you bind yourself to another, and make those promises, whether or not you’re in or out of handfasting, you make an oath to yourselves to help each other. To be there. To help each other grow.

Some lose track of it though. They forget to tend to their own fires, and to the fires of their loved ones. They say things, they do things that over a long period of time chips away at those ribbons. With each careless act, those bonds become frayed. That’s how connections can be untethered, and grow weak. Where people can start to question many things. Fear, jealousy, mistrust, worry: these are all things that counteract love. If these go unchecked, unobserved, unspoken about, the love that was there can mutate and become ugly. Hopefully if this happens, dear ones, you can muster the courage  and enough self-love to cut those unhealthy connections and move on. This doesn’t mean the love goes away, it simply changes.

People speak love in many different ways. And this can lead to fights and arguments, but this is GOOD! Because where there is anger, there is still passion. Where there is still passion, there is still love. (Side-note: Violence is NOT passion.)

Love can always be sparked again. It’s never too late. But sometimes, no matter the intention, the outcome can be heartbreaking. And in there lays the true meaning of love. She is a teacher and she is a friend. Go to her and she will hold you in her arms until your wounds are healed. But don’t think for an instant that you’ll be able to start again with wet flint and tinder.

Stoke your own fires brightly, so the fireflies will come to you…


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