Good, solid Advice


“PRACTICE your physical skills (sport, exercise, dance, etc.) Drawing upon the vigor of this season.

REGULARLY assess your motivations and your use of the gift of life.

REMEMBER spiritual kindred– those whose spiritual focus you share.

IN THIS busy season, make time for proper Soul-nurture.

BE AWARE of the heroes and heroines who have made the spiritual pathways come alive for you.

PLANT and plan your garden to provide a treasury of color in late Summer and Autumn.

WALK and meditate outdoors for at least half an hour daily.

IDENTIFY flowers and animals in your locality and learn about their life and habitat.

CREATE a spontaneous dance that physically expresses your kinship with the universe.

BE ACTIVE with like-minded others, in providing support for environmental concerns both at local and global levels.

AS YOU travel through the country of Summer, relate your spiritual journey to the bright gifts of this season.”

– Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional, Activities for the Summer Months.


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