My Shoden Practicums

Hello All! Now begins the fieldwork! I have about 100 hours worth of Reiki sessions that have to be completed and then submitted for my class in order to receive credit.

So… volunteers, how’d you like a FREE 1-hour Usui-Reiki Healing? 🙂

Haha, I will be in the Albany area for the next few weekends packing, organizing, studying, practicing, and socializing.

I am free to do most sessions Thursdays-Saturdays throughout the day.

If you’re interested and want to learn more about Usui Reiki, click on the “Usui-Reiki Healing” tab above.

  • Each  volunteer will be asked to fill out a confidential Practicum Journal entry that would include the following:
  • Name, Age, PGP (preferred gender pronoun) and number of Reiki sessions you have received.
  • Any health problems that you would like a session focused on (i.e. sprains, broken bones, headaches, general fatigue, etc.)
  • And then there is a short Q& A of what experiences you had during the session, any problems or questions during the session, what you as the client felt following the session, did the Reiki healing help you with your malady (if any), and any other observations. 

Feel free to contact me throughout the day time to schedule a session. Sessions will be conducted where the client (that’s you) prefers and feels safest. Whether that would be peacefully in the park, or comfortably at home. And of course, friends, you are more than welcome to just pop in at my place!

Evermore in Love,

Talk to you soon!


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