A 21 Day Pledge


The last 21 days I have eaten a diet without alcohol, without fried foods, without coffee, and without red meat.

I feel absolutely, RADIANT.

The first week was hard, trying to acclimate to a new way of eating habitually can be a bit difficult. But I stuck it out, and I feel so much better for it.

I realized in all of this, that I haven’t gone a whole 20+ days ever without drinking alcohol since I was 18.

It has brought on a whole new awareness to my social interactions, and even has added a whole new level of enjoying time with friends and loved ones.

Granted, when asked to partake, I usually say something that comes off a bit too AA at first, which brings on a whole new subject to conversation. I like it though, actively denying myself certain “toxins” even though there have been days where I would have died for a nice glass of red wine.

Now that my days are up, I find that I am naturally being drawn to healthier food choices, and limiting my alcoholic intake to only special occasions.

“The 21-day Program is generally commenced immediately after a Reiki course and attunement. This concept is a traditional one in Japan and is found in forms such as Shungendo and Tendai Buddhism. It does not matter which level the student has completed, as it is a valid program for all three levels. Actually, a practitioner desiring to intensively clear the physical and subtle bodies can initiate a program such as this at any time. Throughout life, shifts occur, but they often do not flow to completion. As a result, we are challenged by the same issues again and again. With the 21 day program, you can work through the challenging issues as it supports the completion of Ki shifts. Once you have moved through the shifts, you come to deal with such issues not as a struggle but as a creative flow. the 21 day program includes the following 5 techniques:”- Theda Renee Floyd, PhD, RN, HHP, RMT

Reciting the Reiki Principles, Dry Bathing, Breathwork, Self healing, and Journaling. 

The Reiki Principles are 5-lines of self-affirmations that deal with anger, worry, showing gratitude  working hard, and being compassionate not only to others but to ourselves.

“Just for today, I am without anger.

Just for today, I am without worry.

Just for today, I am grateful for my many blessings.

Just for today, I am diligent in my work (meditation practice.)

Just for today, I am compassionate to myself and every living thing.” 

During this twenty-one day programme, the body goes through a clearing or a detoxification. Mind, body and spirit release past dis-eases, attachments, and negativity. During this time you can expect the following:

  1. To be more tired
  2. To be a bit depressed as past wounds are healed
  3. To be a bit sensitive and over emotional
  4. To be a bit out of it and spacey
  5. To have intense and weird dreams both during the night and day.
  6. Physical detox symptoms like diarrhea, running nose, increased urination correlated with an increased thirst

To speed up the process drink plenty of water, eat fresh foods, get plenty of rest, do mild exercise, and of course follow a spiritual routine.

It’s a good idea like I said to avoid red meats, coffee, alcohol, smoking fried foods, and any recreational drugs. (This should go without saying).

During this time for me, I have found that I need more sleep, have been much more emotionally sensitive, and have had some pretty tripped out dreams. I’ve gone through mild detox symptoms, but I already had eaten a good balanced diet. Now, I look forward to continuing this programme into the future!




2 thoughts on “A 21 Day Pledge

  1. You write very clearly. I have discovered similar issues and symptoms as I have changed my diet since February. I am doing the Fat Flush Plan (2002) written by Ann Louise Gittleman, MS, CNS. It sounds like yours is similar, although more exercise is reguired and probably more protein. Since I live in the mountainous part of the California Coast, I started hiking every day. Now I am up to 2 miles daily (up hill and down) and I have enough stamina to do entire Santo Daime Dance Works without needing to sit down. That was impossible a year ago. The healthy food thing has been a way of life for many years, but there is always a time for fine tuning. I gave up alcohol and marijuana when I was 56. I discovered the peyote ceremony of the Native American Church and with that medicine’s help I wasn’t interested in my old addictions. They fell away with ease. I was very surprised.and delighted. Indigenous medicines used in traditional ways can be very helpful in spiritual evolution. I don’t recommend them for everyone, but an open mind helps us all to grow.

  2. Sorry for the late response, Mike. I’ve never heard about the Fat Flush Plan before, but sounds really interesting and yes, similar! And, yes, adding a bit more protein and exercise to my daily practices would probably be a good thing. Lol, winter left me a bit sedentary, so as with the Spring, I’m breaking earth and getting out there! Congratulations on the Santo Daime Dance Works! Talk about mind-blowing! Those shows are beautiful! Someday, perhaps, I will attend one. I’ve always been drawn to native american spirituality and rites, sun dances and potlucks, and have never really had the opportunity to attend any. And I agree, indigenous medicines can facilitate some potent experiences, but must be handled with care…

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