Seeds of the New Moon


I LOVE New Moons! They are a time to re-evaluate our lives by seeing what we would like to have happen and come into fruition within the next month.

They are a special time to celebrate.

Here I have done what I do for all New Moons: Joanna’s New Moon Spread answering “how can I best seed the energy of this new moon to bring me into deeper personal wisdom?”

This so happens to be my New Moon of JOY.

So, how can I  best seed Joy within the coming weeks?

  • By embracing Awakening & The Great Bear’s energy in my Eastern house of communication, thought, intention & meditation.
    ~may I continue to “listen to my spiritual allies” including my dear Kwan Yin during my meditations to “align with my deepest most authentic self.”- GT There is still much meditating that I have been putting off, I will continue to make meditating a daily practice! 
    ~”Be honest, be forgiving, be patient, and be assured change is at hand. After being stripped and laid bare, the initiate experiences renewed strength and wisdom is reborn into a place of quiet stillness, peace and rest that allows the healing process to be completed.”- WWT This makes me want to go and sleep in the woods. 
  • By embracing The Sun’s energy in my Southern house of passion, creativity, sexuality & personal power.
    ~may I continue to “choose a life that creates happiness for myself and others.”- GT It’s time to get out there and bask in the sunshine! TO frolic and love and let my creativity flow!
    It is time to let the inner sun at the core of your being to shine for all to see, bringing warmth, light and harmony to others, and by doing so to connect with the consciousness of the universal mind. See beyond the noise and clatter of human reality and become aware of the vastness and generosity of the cosmic soul.”- WWT. Time to break out the art supplies my friends!
  • By embracing The Gardener & The Green Woman’s energy in my Western house of dreams, compassion, intuition & emotions.
    ~may I continue to embrace my hedonistic love for life & nature, and be the nurturing mother and sensual lover that I am, and allow myself to bask in my own glory of following my dreams.
    ~I cant forget that “this glorious, magnanimous and generous spirit can live through [me], radiated by the sacred breath of life and given to [me in this time of] guidance and healing. Learn from the abundance and joyous spirit of the Earth and be at one with the world and [my] true self.” -WWT.
  • By embracing The Explorer of Earth & The Knight of Stones’ energy in my Northern house of stability, health, finances & manifestation.
    ~may I embrace my spirituality through my body and relationship to the Earth by spending more time outside, exercising and living simply and sustainably
    ~”Healthy activity and self-sufficiency colour [my] path. Physical strength supports my decisions. Daring, pride, and a love of the Earth lead me to attempt ever more amazing feats.”- WWT. It’s really time to start exercising again and continue to work towards my own sovereignty. 
  • And, By embracing The Hooded Hermit’s energy in my center house of connecting to Spirit.
    ~may I continue to embrace my sacred solitude. Withdraw from the world to focus on my inner life and spirituality. It’s retreat time!
    ~”This time of rebirth is both inward and mystical, and yet outward and universal, beyond the narrow boundaries of human civilization and moral codes. The time of the Hooded Man is here. Now is a time to withdraw and rest. This is the beginning of understanding- not just for yourself, but of the universe. Light will illuminate the way to the heart of the endless cycle of being.”- WWT.



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