Gaia’s Day 2013


“We give thanks for all those who are moved, in their lives, to heal and protect the earth, in small ways and in large. Blessings on the composters, the gardeners, the breeders of worms and mushrooms, the soil-builders, those who cleanse the waters and purify the air, all those who clean up the messes others have made. Blessings on those who defend trees and who plant trees, who guard the forests and who renew the forests. Blessings on those who learn to heal the grasslands and renew the streams, on those who prevent erosion, who restore the salmon and the fisheries, who guard the healing herbs and who know the lore of the wild plants. Blessings on those who heal the cities and bring them alive again with excitement and creativity and love. Gratitude and blessings to all who stand against greed, who risk themselves, to those who have bled and been wounded, and to those who have given their lives in service of the earth.

May all the healers of the earth find their own healing. May they be fueled by passionate love for the earth. May they know their fear but not be stopped by fear. May they feel their anger and yet not be ruled by rage. May they honor their grief but not be paralyzed by sorrow. May they transform fear, rage, and grief into compassion and the inspiration to act in service of what they love. May they find the help, the resources, the courage, the luck, the strength, the love, the health, the joy that they need to do the work. May they be in the right place, at the right time, in the right way. May they bring alive a great awakening, open a listening ear to hear the earth’s voice, transform imbalance to balance, hate and greed to love. Blessed be the healers of the earth.”- Starhawk

This week marks one of my most sacred of weeks: Earth Week, Gaia Week.

Earlier this month I said, I was going to go deep and unplug. As of Midnight tonight, I will begin my pledge.

I never knew how literal my pledge would turn out to be, power outages aside, I am looking forward to reading by candle light, and getting away from all of the white noise that surrounds us. It’s retreat time. Who would have thought something so radical to lessen my carbon footprint, would turn out to be so rewarding for me as well?

I guess that’s just plain sweet serendipity. How will you behave this week as we turn inward, and silent and get back to our deep dark roots? I can’t wait to bloom and show you what I’ve gone and done. It’s gonna be fun!

This week: I’m going to make my life a walking prayer.

What will you do to heal the Earth, to heal your Self?


Dear Momma,

Dear                 Momma,
Earth,   filled with
Wonders.         Filled with Life.
Green wet, dry brown
Lands of mountains,
Fields of honey-making
With as many                languages as
There are grains of sand, of the
Fur, fin, feathered and scaled.
Four-legged, Two-legged, winged and free.
Your children                thank you.
We should        thank                You
Every   Day.
and not just on your birth-day
It’s been a while since
We spoke.
I just don’t want you to think                 we don’t care.
I love You.

Hand Hallow Secrets


Follow the otters,


To the lake’s hallow, and


See what you can find by the shore.


Moss and stones mark the deer path,


To where the ancestors lay sleeping.


In memory to you, Old Ones, who have walked the blue trail of Hands Hallow.

The Real You

Alan Watts!
The one individual who should be in every classroom, every dormitory, every coffee house, every office building, every board of directors, every Senate, every House of Representatives, every White House…


You are worth more than you think. You are what you believe and more. Believe that. I do. I always will.

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My Shoden Practicums

Hello All! Now begins the fieldwork! I have about 100 hours worth of Reiki sessions that have to be completed and then submitted for my class in order to receive credit.

So… volunteers, how’d you like a FREE 1-hour Usui-Reiki Healing? 🙂

Haha, I will be in the Albany area for the next few weekends packing, organizing, studying, practicing, and socializing.

I am free to do most sessions Thursdays-Saturdays throughout the day.

If you’re interested and want to learn more about Usui Reiki, click on the “Usui-Reiki Healing” tab above.

  • Each  volunteer will be asked to fill out a confidential Practicum Journal entry that would include the following:
  • Name, Age, PGP (preferred gender pronoun) and number of Reiki sessions you have received.
  • Any health problems that you would like a session focused on (i.e. sprains, broken bones, headaches, general fatigue, etc.)
  • And then there is a short Q& A of what experiences you had during the session, any problems or questions during the session, what you as the client felt following the session, did the Reiki healing help you with your malady (if any), and any other observations. 

Feel free to contact me throughout the day time to schedule a session. Sessions will be conducted where the client (that’s you) prefers and feels safest. Whether that would be peacefully in the park, or comfortably at home. And of course, friends, you are more than welcome to just pop in at my place!

Evermore in Love,

Talk to you soon!