Goodnight Moon


I make it a habit to celebrate the full and new moons with tea,

and a close friend of mine, Theresa.

Today, this spark of an idea hit me about relationships. Relationships pertaining to kindred.

What is kindred to me? Those persons, places and objects that resonate with a common spirit that need not be blood-tied.

Those people we can be vulnerable with, tell our deepest secrets without worry of judgement. Those close soul-parts of ours who we just click with wholeheartedly. Those persons who have seen the good, bad and the downright ugly and who have not shied away…

Those places where we can be vulnerable to show our beauty and experience wonder. Those favourite, sacred places we go from time to time that make our hearts purr…

Those simple objects that  seem to reflect like a mirror and share a common story with that of our own story and memory…

Theresa happens to be one of my kindred.

And I look forward to our next midnight tea.

Goodnight Moon.


2 thoughts on “Goodnight Moon

    1. Thank-you! And no problem, I really respect yours as well. We all have traditions to keep us close to those we love. Gotta embrace em! 🙂

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