Being Attuned to Usui Reiki 1


This morning I slept in, cleaned my room, did some laundry, and proceeded to take a sacred shower. I got out, dried off, and misted myself with some Rose, Rosemary, and Grapefruit essential oil mist I had made for the occasion; because today, I prepared for my first attunement in Reiki.

I sat in lotus position, turned on my playlist with Loreena McKennitt, lit my candles and incense, and added a few tarot cards for visualization. I opened myself up, began my rhythmic breathing, and allowed myself to be swept away…

This process is more of a initiation  where a Reiki Master facilitates a release of obstructions in the student’s energy channels and aura. This is where the students built up issues from their life begin to release and lift up. It opens and aligns what is already a part of the student. It is a sacred moment of moving from one phase of life towards another, and in studying Usui Reiki, there are three main attunements that occur before one then becomes a Master teacher  her/himself.

During this initiation meditative state, the student can experience many different things, one of which is the characteristic warmth/heat of hands that goes along with healing-touch.

For me I saw many different waves of moving colour. Some were circle rings that moved like water in and out, some where wave movements and still, others formed images. Some were rainbow, some were bright green and turquoise blue. Some were purple with stars behind the colour. It was a pretty trippy fireworks show.

Physically, I felt several things. There was a slight pain/crack on the top right of my head that burned down to the base of my occipital bone.

Then it slowly went down to my chest center like a running stream of water, down into my solar plexus which felt like electrical pangs of hunger, and then finally down to both my feet, which tingled as well as felt warm.

My left hand felt like I was holding a fire ball, and my right felt like I was holding a snow ball. Each had an electrical feel, and also a warm pulsating static electric feeling. You know that feeling when you’ve just come in from a really long hike in the winter time? When your hand feels so cold that it feels hot? That’s my best explanation of how that went.

After the hour long meditation, I simply looked in the mirror and noticed my eyes were a little teary.

My face felt warm and plump as if I had just been the gym. As I touched my face with my fingers, it was as if I was saying hello to a long lost friend. I paused my meditation music, layed down for a moment to soak it all in. I felt happy, strong, and at peace.

I felt warm, hungry, alive, yet also a little tired. As if I was only partially here and there, but what is odd is that I felt as grounded as I ever have before.

I drank the glass of cold water I had poured for myself afterwards, and just let it glide down my throat. It woke me up a bit and ignited my cravings for a nice big lunch.

So, now I am sitting here, eating some leftover mushroom, red tomato, chicken and farfalle with a tasty fresh slices of mozzarella, basil and tomatoes with a balsamic vinaigrette. My taste buds thank me. My belly definitely thanks me. And my heart thanks me as this amazing journey towards healing begins.

After sharing what I experienced with my teacher, she responded:

Hello Derek, Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

I discovered that your chakras were already very clean and balanced.  I detected just a few teensy dark flecks in the area of the left solar plexus, and in the area of the physical pancreas.  Most likely these were just indications of being a bit hungry. 

It is also apparent that you have already established a strong connection through your Gaia or Earthstar chakra.  This would make perfect sense though with the shamanic work you have been doing in the lower world.  I see these energies as infrared light with a dynamic oil slick quality to them.  They impart an extremely subtle pinkish oil slick quality to the lower three chakras… 
I am glad to know that you are nurturing yourself well following your attunement. 

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