All Snake’s Day


Today is the celebrated day the Druids tricked St. Patrick into thinking the snakes had all been banished.

“After all, we snakes are still here and we are thriving! We’re lean, green, Pagan machines who welcome the Sun God and the Green Goddess with open arms, excited with what the warmer seasons have to offer in terms of their bounty and boundless possibilities. Just like the snake who sheds his outer skin, so do we shed our warm, protective clothing and feel the warmth on our faces and skin. We may even hoist a horn of mead or ale to share with our kith and kin, bringing family and friends together to make plans and celebrate the friendship that got us through the darker winter days.

So Happy All Snakes Day to you, fellow pagans! Go out and revel in the heat that warms your snake skin. And I will raise a toast to you and yours while we enjoy the longer days together. As for St. Patrick? It’s only fitting that we extend him some Irish hospitality for his special day if he’ll lower his ash staff and share a pint or two with us.”-

It does not go without saying that I am not a huge fan of Saint Patrick. In my book, a few of his choice tactics were not befitting a saint. However, being of Irish ancestry, I am a huge fan of celebrating today.

St. Patrick’s Day/ All Snake’s Day runs deep in my veins, and I am very happy to get my green on. For me, today is a day where foolish frolicking is accepted by the masses. It brings a bit more fun than the pure Ostara/Easter celebrations in just a few days.

What better way to celebrate Spring’s Coming than with a happy belly full of food, and a happy pint of something refreshing?



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