Three Simple Pledges

Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews
Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews

Today is a holiday!

You can call it whatever you want, and celebrate it however you wish.

To some it is Imbolc, the Ancient Celtic Festival of Spring’s Awakening and the Triple Goddess Brigid.

To some it is Candlemas, the church’s transformed candle blessing feast of Saint Brigid.

To other’s today is simply a day to ponder Puxatony Phil’s prophecy of how much longer winter will hold on.

Either way, this is a  day to look at the world with different eyes. To go out there, breathe the warm winter winds, and make some decisions. Decisions that could transform your life this year. I know this sounds  a bit deep and granola, but my friends, every holiday offers us this unique time to truly decide. That little circled date on the calendar is so much more than just any ordinary day, and why you might ask? Because we give it meaning. Plain and simple. By giving a certain day of the year our attention, regardless of astronomical alignment, we give it power and thus meaning.

The ancients knew the importance of celebration. They knew the importance of the stars, of harvests, of schedules. Of nature’s natural rhythms. And they knew how to keep in sync with those energy rhythms. Today is the mid-mark between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Today is a quarter of the year already past, already done, already written.  The logical thing to ponder would be to wonder, where will the next quarter of your life take you? How will you remember the next coming months in your memory? Will you live in harmony or in adversity? Now, which shall you choose?

We can be all high and mighty as we want, but the truth of the matter is that people prefer to be arrogant and ignorant of their choices and blame them on others, or on destiny for thrusting them upon us. Of course bad things DO happen. But it is your CHOICE to think of them as such. It all depends on your mentality. It all depends on how much you dwell.

So, Spring is coming. What shall you do?

For me, I am going to make three pledges. 

#1. Pledge to My Self: To come into alignment with my Soul’s calling by giving myself more Me-Time by writing and creating for a year and a day.  

#2. Pledge to my Neighborhood/Community: To lend a helping hand whenever able by finding a volunteering programme all year long. 

#3. Pledge to the Planet: To be more conscious of my resources and use less: i.e. water& paper. Double side documents & instrument a recycle bin shredder at work. And I pledge to heartfully experience & learn from Nature each and every day for the next year. 

Last year, I promised myself that I would devout myself to a year of the Gaian Soul Seasonal Practices with my teacher Joanna Powell Colbert. It was a remarkable experience that transformed my every day life into one of conscious spirituality. It gave me pause and kept me relatively calm and focused. It gave me an outlet for my creativity and was the best gift I could have given myself! It also was a gift of community that I had always wanted, and made me feel a part of a larger being other than myself. So, in a way it was very inner-working, but in actuality it helped to connect me with the Whole as well. Funny how we should find the universe in the smallest speck of sand, huh?

I foster-guardianed my local park, and helped to keep it clean and garbage free. It allowed me to truly connect to the environment around me and gave me a new sense of purpose at the end of the work week. I gave up bottled water too, and that was a trial within itself. Something so simple turned into something so trans-formative!

The key with these pledges is to keep them apart of your every day life so you don’t forget about them and try not to over think it. Find three simple things that you can do. They don’t have to be big, it’s funny how they will grow and catch on to others so before you know it there is this cosmic alignment of ideology and love and change for the better! Have fun and happy holiday!

Be Free Evermore in Love,



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