Back with Fervour!

Dripping Icicles taken by Derek J. Healey
Dripping Icicles


I am back with more juice than ever! I have workshoppe ideas, class sign-ups, and a new and organized plan for 2013!

I’ve taken a long, and necessary, hibernation. The winter season spoke of silent solitude, and severe introspection. As an introvert, the winter winds always call to me, they call to a deep reserve within me that by then has gone empty. I was running out of juice, out of energy, and out of ideas. I needed to get away from the digital world for a bit, and delve deep into my own inner world. What better a time of year than in the heart of winter? Where all things are quiet, all things are peaceful, and all things are dreaming soft dreams.

The Season of Wintertide is just now beginning to hit us with all of its might, just as the flame will burn its brightest just before it blows out. We are in the heart of Winter still, yet the time for hope is here, the hope of new beginnings, new beginnings that are so much more than pointless New Year resolutions.

It is now as Poppy Palin says, “a time to pray for beautiful new beginnings and for a cleansing of all that is harmful and hateful from the land.”

It is now as my teacher Joanna Powell Colbert says, a time for “Emergence, Dedication, Cleansing & Purification, Inspiration and Being on Fire with Creativity.”

In the coming hours, days, weeks and months. My soul will awaken from the snow that has kept my fires frozen and damp. Now the time of taking my inner ideas and dreams that I have thought so much about and actually forming the plan in the physical world.

When one is a spiritual seeker/teacher, there comes a moment where the steps of a fresh new adventure begins. Where you must GET OUT THERE, and push through the snowy ice, and bloom sweet snowdrops for the coming of Spring is soon. The rains will come and melt away the past, and the Season of Hatched Hopes will be alive, and green, and ready for us to make our debuts…

Sunrise taken by Derek J. Healey

Be Free Evermore with Love.



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