Birthday Wishes


I am beginning today with a breakfast of rich decadent-death-by-chocolate cake and dark coffee with creme.
Today Joey and I will be celebrating his birthday amongst friends and margaritas… Feliz cumpleanos!


Happy birthday my love,
May you weave a circle of soft sweet tulips to lay in as bees buzz and foxes play in the thicket.
Remembering warm summer memories as the cold tickles your nose and caresses your back.
May the winds blow gratitude kisses towards your warm lips, as we frolick through hills of frosty snow.
As snowdrops push through the earths wintery quilt, may they be reminders of what is yet to come.
My love for you grows everyday,
As the mountains in the west push upwards towards the sky.
Ladybird and red kilt kisses,
Happy birthday!

Evermore in Love,


Imbolc fun!



Spring’s Awakening Season.

It’s all about emergence, inspiration, cleaning, and promises of all kinds.

Promises to ourselves and others, and the promise of potential for new beginnings.

What awaits you in the coming months?

Caitlin Matthews gives us some ideas and activities…

“Clarify your life by spring-cleaning surroundings and lifestyle. Check and reassess your aims and objectives in life. Bring into focus your plans for the unfolding year.”

Think: eco-friendly cleaners that are toxin free. IDEA: make your own with powerful natural essential oils that have antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal properties. Add vinegars, and lemons or other natural goodies. It will smell divine and wont be bad for you, and plus (THEY’RE CHEAPER!) This hits 2 birds with 1 stone.

“Practice your craft or art or skill with dedication, drawing on the inspiration of your heart.”

Dedication can be hard, but start small. Do one small thing that will bring you that much closer to your goal. Draw forth some passion from that dusty shelf if you have neglected it, and polish it up shinier and new.

“Remember all young life-forms and their parents.”
This is the “twitter-pated” season after all. Love is truly in the air, babies are being born, and this is something to be respected, acknowledged, and celebrated. New life is beautiful, no matter how gross it may seem in the beginning, ha!

“In this burgeoning season of life, meet up with your spiritual kindred and soul-friends whenever possible for mutual encouragement and fun.”
This goes without saying, and then sometimes we need those certain friends that get us for who and what we are. We can make it very complicated for those we love sometimes, and sometimes they can make it hard on us and our way of life. Sometimes, we just need those crazy earth-loving, respectable and action-conscious people to reassure us that we are on the right path.

“Be aware of the inspirers, the door-openers of the spiritual traditions to which you are drawn.”
This is the season of inspiration after all! To be inspired means the juices will be kicking! Rearing and gearing towards some new project that may in turn inspire others.

“Create a shrine to focus your spiritual intentions.”
This can be an elaborate or as simple as you like. It can be as simple as a tea cup on a wooden plank in front of a window, or as elaborate as gilded statuary with all the bells and whistles. It’s a reflection of you, and what will work for you. Have fun!

“Plant flowers and vegetables for Summer and Autumn.”
This will take some research, but it will be oh-so rewarding come harvest season when you have all this bounty to be proud to show and share with your loved ones.

“Walk and meditate outdoors for at least fifteen minutes daily.”
It’s getting warmer now- no excuses! Lol.

“Identify five plants or trees growing near you.”
It’s good to know your surroundings, and in the coming months with new foliage and green coming and growing you will know what you will have in your area so you can harvest for certain things and need not grow/buy it yourself.

“Be active, with like-minded others, in defending human rights, world ecology or local issues where injustice currently prevails.”
As spiritual people, we sometimes have a duty as human beings, spiritual beings, real people beings, to foster the golden rule of love and to defend and be an advocate for those who may be afraid to voice their opinion. To stop injustice when we see it. We can choose to ignore the problems around us, but think of the untold impact you could make by just lending a helping hand instead of apathetic ignorance, which could lead to a true horror.

“As you travel through the land of Spring, relate your spiritual journey to the unfolding beauty of this season.”
How will you allow Spring’s beauty to bloom in your own life?

Be evermore in Love,


Happy Lover’s Day


Happy Lover’s Day!
Cupid is a randy bugger.
Who likes to flit and flirt.
And slyly he hides behind a bush,
Waiting for hearts that have been hurt.
To send arrows flying through the aire,
To hit us from above,
To make us remember to believe again in Love.

Whether you are single or not, be happy that there are people who adore YOU for YOU.
Rose blossom kisses & warm chocolat hugs. *Grins*

(Master) Spring Cleanse


The presence of the season of Imbolc, the heart of Winter changing into Spring, is all about cleansing and purification.

Why is it that cultures all over the world like to open their windows, air out the stale air of the home and do a spot of spring cleaning?

But spring cleaning isn’t only about cleaning our homes, it’s about cleansing our very selves. Our very bodies.

One of my favourite cleanses to do every year is a combination of an Internal Salt Water Bath Intestinal Cleanse, a Whole Foods Cleanse, the Stanley Bourrough Master Cleanser, Elimination Cleanse & Dietary Test, and Body Therapy Cleanse. 

It’s real simple, and only takes about 3 months. You can do it for how ever long you wish, but I usually do it for the whole season. It’s important to push yourself, but only push yourself so far. You may find that during the cleanse you are prone to headaches, may shake and become very grumpy. This is normal because, in effect, your body goes through a sort of delirium tremens where you experience withdrawal symptoms. It’s scary to think about what we allow ourselves to consume normally outside of these guidelines.

Beginning with the Salt Bath Cleanse, just take 2 tsp of sea salt and mix it with 1 quart of lukewarm spring water.

Drink the whole damn thing first thing in the morning and DO NOT EAT for 1-2 hours. Also, DO NOT go anywhere for awhile. This is going to be a fun day. This is basically a stay at home colonoscopy bowel prep, so stay in your comfy clothes, and for gods-sakes, stay close to your toilet. Do this for the first day, and just drink either peppermint or catnip tea twice a day there after.

It is probably a good idea to steer clear of binge eating/drinking the night before you begin this whole cleansing process. Also, probably not a good idea to drink too much alcohol either during the week-long process as it will feel like someone has come along and hit you with a train for several days after. So stay smart.

As for beginning the Whole Foods Cleanse, this can be a very good thing to continue throughout the springtime, or even incorporate into your every day life for the whole year. The biggest rule is, if it’s processed, in a box or in a can- it’s not edible. So no frozen pizzas, no brownies in a box, no Cheese- Its. No fast foods. No deep-fried, high trans fatty, greasy gruel.

Here are the foods that are okay: real foods. You know, anything in the fresh produce aisle. The raw, crunchy, colourful, smelly-good real-food foods. Easy enough?

We are talking fresh fruits& veggies. Seeds, nuts, whole grains: brown rice, millet, wheat, rye, oats; beans: pinto, mung, lentils, garbanzos. If it doesn’t say “whole grain” then it isn’t a whole grain. And have fun and be creative. Of course this forces us to actually cook our food and prep it ourselves, but just imagine how happy you will be making your body. I know a quick Big Mac or Dominos Pizza sounds great, but with the McStomachaches and Domin-no-nos. I think it would be better to just make it yourself with whole-food ingredients.

The Stanley Bourrough’s Master Cleanse:

Grab a glass water bottle, as toxins will leach into the water from plastics.

Take 8 ounces of cold H2O

NOTE: the water should be filtered spring water, as clean from the source as possible and not plastic-bottled water of course.

and add the following:

2 TBS freshly squeezed Lemon/Lime juice– Rich in Vit C these astringents contract and tighten tissues releasing deep toxins. Also, lemons have natural antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

1-2 TBS 100% Pure Maple Syrup, not the cheaper processed imitated version- yay, sweet healthy energy!

& 1/10 tsp Cayenne Pepper– this adds heat energy, clears the blood and eliminates toxins/mucus.

Drink 8-12 glasses per day for about a week or two.

NOTE: I suggest alternating day-to-day syrup/honey/agave nectar as these are natural primary sugars. And vary the sweetness to your desire. These are great calories in the form of tasty sweet energy. Also, it is good to rinse your mouth with water to clear the lemon and maple from your teeth since the sugars and acids can pull calcium from those pearly whites.

As for the Elimination Cleanse and Dietary Test you can start where you are and end it wherever you wish. This takes about a month. This is the fun part because this really tests your will-power. Be prepared to have healthy snacks on hand, i.e. trail mixes. Because if you don’t you will turn into a total and complete grouchy pants. I’m talking, a hungry where’s my f*cking chocolate kind of mad-man. So, be prepared and please tell your friends and family before hand. They deserve a fair warning, and a fair trial. It is also important to tell them what you can and can not eat/drink so that they may be mindful. Of course, you will always have those people who will sit in front of you and flaunt their triple-chocolate hot fudge brownies, and you will have to fight the urge to pummel them with the baking pan whilst digging your hands into the ooey-gooey goodness of it all. But, remember, patience is a virtue.

Day 1- Eat your normal diet.
2- Eliminate all chemicals from diet, e.g. food additives, drugs (non-prescription), nicotine, alcohol, caffeine.
3- Eliminate all processed foods- refined sugar, white enriched flour and their products.
4- Eliminate meat products- any live or once living animal.
5- Eliminate dairy foods- all cow, goat, chicken products.
6- Eliminate nuts and beans.
7- Eliminate seeds.
8- Eliminate grains, eating only fruits and…
9- …vegetables. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables in…
10- …raw, steamed, or juiced forms. (3 days)
11- Fruit and vegetable juice and broth only. No cans…
12- …juices should be fresh or bottled, naturally squeezed. (2 days)
13- Water only- spring or well- not tap water…
14- …These may be rest days. (2 days)
15- Fruit and vegetable juice again.
16- Fruit- one kind at a time (3-4 hours between kinds), one large or two small fruits.
17- Add vegetables.
18- Add grains.
19- Add seeds.
20- Add nuts and beans.
21- Add dairy foods.
22- Add meat, only one kind per day…
23- …and only if desired- you are…
24- …now more sensitive. (3 days).
25- Add any processed foods- if desired/ tolerated.
26- Add any chemicals or drugs- if desired/ tolerated.

NOTE: Whilst all this cleansing there is another, very important cleanse to do. A Body Therapy Cleanse. Our skin eliminates alot of toxins via sweating, so I also suggest going to the spa, sauna, and taking lots of luscious warm baths with oatmeal, essential oils, and sea salts. Exfoliate and think about what you are cleaning your body with. Are the soaps/shampoos and conditioners really very healthy for you. What are the ingredients? It’s all about working on the complete body, just be sure to be drinking your water!

Good luck!

Staying Healthy With the Seasons by Elson M. Haas, M.D. 21st Century Edition.

We welcome you, Brigit


“We welcome you, Brigit, on Candlemas Eve,

We pray for your blessing new life to receive,

O Mother of Poetry, teach me your art,

That your inspiration may enter my heart.

O Mistress of Magic that stands by the fire

And shapes the bright metal to the form you desire;

O Mother of Smithcraft, please teach me your art,

That the power of changing may enter my heart.

You kindle the springtime to quicken the Earth,

From under your mantle the old has new birth,

O Mother of Healing, please teach me your art,

That peace and contentment may enter my heart.”

-Poem by Mara Freeman

Three Simple Pledges

Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews
Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews

Today is a holiday!

You can call it whatever you want, and celebrate it however you wish.

To some it is Imbolc, the Ancient Celtic Festival of Spring’s Awakening and the Triple Goddess Brigid.

To some it is Candlemas, the church’s transformed candle blessing feast of Saint Brigid.

To other’s today is simply a day to ponder Puxatony Phil’s prophecy of how much longer winter will hold on.

Either way, this is a  day to look at the world with different eyes. To go out there, breathe the warm winter winds, and make some decisions. Decisions that could transform your life this year. I know this sounds  a bit deep and granola, but my friends, every holiday offers us this unique time to truly decide. That little circled date on the calendar is so much more than just any ordinary day, and why you might ask? Because we give it meaning. Plain and simple. By giving a certain day of the year our attention, regardless of astronomical alignment, we give it power and thus meaning.

The ancients knew the importance of celebration. They knew the importance of the stars, of harvests, of schedules. Of nature’s natural rhythms. And they knew how to keep in sync with those energy rhythms. Today is the mid-mark between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Today is a quarter of the year already past, already done, already written.  The logical thing to ponder would be to wonder, where will the next quarter of your life take you? How will you remember the next coming months in your memory? Will you live in harmony or in adversity? Now, which shall you choose?

We can be all high and mighty as we want, but the truth of the matter is that people prefer to be arrogant and ignorant of their choices and blame them on others, or on destiny for thrusting them upon us. Of course bad things DO happen. But it is your CHOICE to think of them as such. It all depends on your mentality. It all depends on how much you dwell.

So, Spring is coming. What shall you do?

For me, I am going to make three pledges. 

#1. Pledge to My Self: To come into alignment with my Soul’s calling by giving myself more Me-Time by writing and creating for a year and a day.  

#2. Pledge to my Neighborhood/Community: To lend a helping hand whenever able by finding a volunteering programme all year long. 

#3. Pledge to the Planet: To be more conscious of my resources and use less: i.e. water& paper. Double side documents & instrument a recycle bin shredder at work. And I pledge to heartfully experience & learn from Nature each and every day for the next year. 

Last year, I promised myself that I would devout myself to a year of the Gaian Soul Seasonal Practices with my teacher Joanna Powell Colbert. It was a remarkable experience that transformed my every day life into one of conscious spirituality. It gave me pause and kept me relatively calm and focused. It gave me an outlet for my creativity and was the best gift I could have given myself! It also was a gift of community that I had always wanted, and made me feel a part of a larger being other than myself. So, in a way it was very inner-working, but in actuality it helped to connect me with the Whole as well. Funny how we should find the universe in the smallest speck of sand, huh?

I foster-guardianed my local park, and helped to keep it clean and garbage free. It allowed me to truly connect to the environment around me and gave me a new sense of purpose at the end of the work week. I gave up bottled water too, and that was a trial within itself. Something so simple turned into something so trans-formative!

The key with these pledges is to keep them apart of your every day life so you don’t forget about them and try not to over think it. Find three simple things that you can do. They don’t have to be big, it’s funny how they will grow and catch on to others so before you know it there is this cosmic alignment of ideology and love and change for the better! Have fun and happy holiday!

Be Free Evermore in Love,


Back with Fervour!

Dripping Icicles taken by Derek J. Healey
Dripping Icicles


I am back with more juice than ever! I have workshoppe ideas, class sign-ups, and a new and organized plan for 2013!

I’ve taken a long, and necessary, hibernation. The winter season spoke of silent solitude, and severe introspection. As an introvert, the winter winds always call to me, they call to a deep reserve within me that by then has gone empty. I was running out of juice, out of energy, and out of ideas. I needed to get away from the digital world for a bit, and delve deep into my own inner world. What better a time of year than in the heart of winter? Where all things are quiet, all things are peaceful, and all things are dreaming soft dreams.

The Season of Wintertide is just now beginning to hit us with all of its might, just as the flame will burn its brightest just before it blows out. We are in the heart of Winter still, yet the time for hope is here, the hope of new beginnings, new beginnings that are so much more than pointless New Year resolutions.

It is now as Poppy Palin says, “a time to pray for beautiful new beginnings and for a cleansing of all that is harmful and hateful from the land.”

It is now as my teacher Joanna Powell Colbert says, a time for “Emergence, Dedication, Cleansing & Purification, Inspiration and Being on Fire with Creativity.”

In the coming hours, days, weeks and months. My soul will awaken from the snow that has kept my fires frozen and damp. Now the time of taking my inner ideas and dreams that I have thought so much about and actually forming the plan in the physical world.

When one is a spiritual seeker/teacher, there comes a moment where the steps of a fresh new adventure begins. Where you must GET OUT THERE, and push through the snowy ice, and bloom sweet snowdrops for the coming of Spring is soon. The rains will come and melt away the past, and the Season of Hatched Hopes will be alive, and green, and ready for us to make our debuts…

Sunrise taken by Derek J. Healey

Be Free Evermore with Love.